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MSK doctors specialised in both the non-surgical and surgical management of the knee. We embrace highly effective one stop outpatient treatments without the need for a general anaesthetic and an inpatient hospital stay. Prof. Lee can offer effective solutions in the treatment of knee pain and deliver cutting edge medical therapy options to patients in an outpatient setting. The aim is to help you delay and avoid knee replacement surgery as much as possible. 

Prof Lee OA Knee Pain

Prof. Lee has published a recent update on "Non-surgical and Non-pharmacological Treatment of Knee Pain” and "Modern Non-Pharmacological and Non-Surgical Treatments for Hip Pain”  and was invited by the biological knee society to author the Latest Non-surgical treatments section for the society. Prof. Lee has a wide breadth of knowledge in supplements, bracing and injection therapy to treat arthritis, which can give his patients more options instead of knee replacement. 

Unloader Knee Brace

One of the non-surgical treatment options for knee osteoarthtitis is the use of an Unloader knee brace. There are many different types of devices on the market and it can be very confusing. If the offloading knee brace is not used appropriately with a specialist prescription, it will become ineffective and does not have the desired effect of pain relief and delayed surgical intervention. Mr Lee has great experience with the Unloader knee brace and has published 8 years of results of its cost effectiveness compared to total knee replacement in the British Medical Journal (BMJ).

Unloader Knee Brace

 Prof Lee’s 8 year results summary on the unloader: 

(All patients were on the waiting list for replacement at the begining of the study)

  •  Patients who wore an unloading knee brace for 2 years or more did not require surgery at 8 years follow-up.
  • A knee brace has a similar quality of life gain compared with total knee replacement at 8 years follow-up.
  • 6 months of knee brace use halved the chance of knee surgery compared with 3 months or less use.
  • Short-term use of an unloader knee brace can improve quality of life for patients awaiting surgery.
  • It is cost-effective to use an unloader knee brace while patients are waiting for surgery in the NHS setting.
  • Unloader knee brace can delay surgery and indeed deem it unnecessary over the long term for patients (40%) with unicompartmental arthritis. 
  • Patients were able to return to their daily activities and work while using the unloader knee brace.

Anti Inflammatory Knee sleeves

MSK doctors offers specialised anti inflammatory knee sleeves, which can help to improve circulation and reduce inflammation in the joint.  Prof. Lee’s article on knee brace innovation. click here


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One of the newest treatments available is Lipogems injections. Lipogems therapy harnesses the bodies natural ability to self heal and aids in easing pain in ligaments, joints and muscles. Lipogems treatment is completed in three stages. First fat cells are harvested from the hip/abdomen area. Second the regenerative cells are separated from fat tissue. Finally, the cells are injected into the damaged/painful area under ultrasound guidance. This boosts the cells presence in that area aiding recovery.    Learn more

Prof Lee has travelled the World to learn highly advanced treatment techniques from centres of excellence. He offers highly effective treatment options that may not be available in the public healthcare system. Being dual qualified and experienced in Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Surgery, he can access resources and treatments which are only available to the top 1% of the super elite.

Biological MSK treatment

Decison tool for knee surgery: click here

Medical treatment offered by Prof Lee

Below is a list of publications by Prof Lee in the field of Non Surgical treatment in MSK conditions:

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  • Lee PYF, Nixion A, Chandratreya AP, Murray JM (2017) Synovial Plica Syndrome of the Knee: A Commonly Overlooked Cause of Anterior Knee Pain
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  • Lee PYF, Kwank A, Smith PM, Nokes LM (2016) “Should We Treat Soft Tissue Injuries with Actovegin?”. EC Orthopaedics 4.4: 600-604

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