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Educational Events

With an internationally renowned reputation for our biological approach and motion philosophy, MSK Doctors is setting a benchmark in musculoskeletal health. We offer educational events to promote logical approach and better understand of MSK medicine, 


Re-Think Lecture Series

Free Lectures

Prof Paul Lee and Mr Yewlett Re-Think Talk for GPs 

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Msk Event 2021

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Join us for our annual MSK conference which will bring you an insight into MSK Medicine by showcasing some of our leading-edge technology.

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Regen Talk

Free Lectures

Prof Paul Lee Regen Talk bit size lectures on Regeneration 

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Regen Blog

Free info

Update on Regeneration medicine by MSK Doctors

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Physiotherapists Training

Physio events 

FCP event, invitation only 

2 Day MSK course designed for First Contact Physiotherapists, updates on musculoskeletal medicine & orthopaedic conditions in Lincolnshire. Oct 2020, Nov 2020

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Prof Lee online teaching
Alun Yewlett teaching
The Keep Web lecture