Non Surgical Treatments

MSK Doctors embrace effective in-clinic and virtual treatments without the need for hospital visits or general anaesthetic.

Our team has a wide breadth of knowledge in supplements, pain killers, bracing and injection therapies, which can give patients more options when dealing with MSK issues. We have extensive knowledge in both non-surgical and surgical management. Our team can discuss and offer many options that will be tailored to your needs.


Our philosophy is


We have the know-how you need.

Our medical director, Prof Paul Lee, was invited by the Biological Knee Society to author the latest non-surgical treatments options. He is also an internationally recognised expert on OA Knee pain and Knee Guru where he works with a panel of like-minded colleagues to champion non-surgical management for patients.

Our team has published many peer-reviewed journal articles on the non-surgical management of musculoskeletal and orthopaedics issues.

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Blood Samples

It is in our blood


MSK Doctors offers the highest quality and safest biological treatments to our patients.


Informed by clinical evidence, we offer Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Hyaluronan, Matrix PRP and Biological Glue and cortisone steroid injections to our patients.


Each treatment option has its role and the key is knowing when and which one to use.



There are many different types of devices on the market and it can be very confusing. If bracing is not used appropriately with a specialist prescription, it will become ineffective and does not have the desired effect of pain relief.


Being able to understand the dynamics and principles of bracing can often give you an alternative to surgery.

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Cycling Up the Hill


Understanding the importance of muscle balance and strength is a key part of non-surgical treatment and recovery.


MSK Doctors can offer F.D.A approved Blood Flow Restriction training techniques to help build muscle with 6 times the results. With the support of our Knee KG, Foot Plate,


Dynamic MRI and Shoulder Steady programme, we can offer personalised neuromuscular solutions to our patients.

Life in motion

Being able to understand the underlying root cause of the problem is the first step of treatment.


We have invested in motion technology that enables us to detect, analyse and diagnose conditions during the gait cycle. In partnership with Emovi – Canada, MSK Doctors can offer Knee Kinesiography (Knee KG) examination to our patients.


There is much conflicting information about bone and joint supplements.


When it comes to sports and rehabilitation supplementations, everyone has heard something from their ‘friends’.


MSK Doctors can offer useful advice on supplements and vitamins to help maintain your bone, joint and cartilage health.



MSK Doctors have traveled the World to learn the latest treatment techniques.