Patient Journey

Welcome to MSK Doctors. For many years our specialists have been helping patients, like yourself, reclaim their quality of life. You may have found us by referral from your GP, Physiotherapist, family, friends or the internet. Whichever way you came to us, you will be listened to, supported and assisted throughout your journey.

Pain can be an all-consuming thing. Our expertise and advice will help to take away some of those anxieties and create a plan to understand and take away the cause of the problem.

Becoming Our Patient

MSK Doctors are proud to offer a comprehensive service and advanced evidence based surgical techniques to our patients.

How To Pay

Self-pay: You will be charged for the initial consultation on booking your appointment.

Private Medical Health Insurance: Following your appointment, we will invoice your insurance company and if there is an excess to pay, we will be in contact.


You will be given a referral form and an appointment will need to be made to attend a scan. After which, you will return to our clinic for an arranged, follow up appointment.

Young Doctor

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